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  • Co-ordinate and organize various activities, allow students to experience the personal commitment to the community , society , country and the world, build up students' positive values and attitudes.
  • Integrate moral and civic education related activities in different subjects, help students “have a healthy life, live an active Life”. 
  • Organize exchanges and visits, expand students’ view and guide students to have a reflection of life.
  • Plan assemblies throughout the year, develop students’ character and civic responsibility.
  • Train " Moral and Civic Education Ambassadors", explore students' potential to promote moral and civic education.

  • Enhance students' awareness of moral and civic education.
  • Set up environmental group to promote environmental protection in school.
  • Pilot "Tung Wah Moral Education" and modify the lesson plans
  • Co-ordinate and organize different types of events. Students’ positive values and attitudes can be nurtured by having different experiences in individual community, society, country and the world.
  • Organize various study tours, open up students’ horizons and help them have reflections on life.
  • Train ‘Moral and Civic Education Ambassador’, explore the potential of students, promote moral and civic education in school.
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