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  • To organise various activities for building a close relationship and strong linkage between parents and the school.
  • To promote collaborative work between family and school, so as to further develop and improve students’ academic performance and whole-person development.
  • To provide positive parenting skills to parents and help them strengthen their family bonding.
  • To offer better welfare to students and let them lead a healthy campus life.



  • To enhance communication amongst parents, teachers and school, and further extend the scope of parent voluntary services.
  • To reinforce the “Parent Education Programme” and encourage parents to learn new skills together with their children, so as to improve education efficiency.
  • To launch beneficial activities for better development of school affairs and promote student welfare, for example, cross-curricular activities in English, healthy campus, self-regulated learning and eLearning.
  • To encourage PTA committee members to be responsible for organising different activities for students, teachers and other parents.
  • To get every member of the school involved in the PTA activities

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