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  • Undergraduate is moral, aesthetic and other mating, is an integral part of the whole education. Is purposeful, organized and planned to promote the comprehensive development of the body, teach exercise of knowledge, technology and skills, cultivate moral, will, moral education.



short term

  • Teach basic sports skills.
  • Select the core curriculum materials based.
  • Focus on "learning" and "practice."
  • Consolidation of basic athletic ability.
  • Students are required to face up to class dressed sports clothing (including swimming lessons).
  • Encourage and promote students to participate in swimming lessons.


  • In addition to motor skills, develop physical fitness, the more senior shall establish:
  • Lifelong sports (LIFE SPORT) to cultivate.
  • Create recreational approach.
  • Use of motor skills.
  • Enhance physical theory and knowledge.
  • Encourage students to participate in extracurricular sports programs.
  • Spare time, through the competition, the consolidation movement skills.
  • For the development of the concept of lifelong sports, will strengthen the development of a project.
  • In grade school social occasion and interpersonal competition, high school students should serve as planning and service work, emphasis on learning from practice.


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