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  • Through various activities to help students develop the habit of use of leisure.
  • Through participation activity, induced the interest of students to develop their talents.
  • Through the planning and implementation of activities, develop student leadership and  organizational skills, to enable students to learn independent autonomy.
  • Through activities to enhance awareness and understanding between teachers and students, increase students' sense of belonging to the school.
  • Let students choose to participate in some of his interest in and need for extra-curricular activities, to strengthen the students spontaneously, students of their choice to bear the responsibility.






  • To promote a subject-based club activities to improve school academic atmosphere to enhance students' interest in the subject.
  • Training students to become active leaders, to help schools promote lunchtime and after-school activities.
  • Students are encouraged to take part in off-campus academic and sports competitions, thereby establishing self-confidence and teamwork.
  • Encourage S. 4-5 students to learn and to promote inter-house activities, students play the leadership.
  • Requirements S. 1-5 students to participate in a minimum of one to learn or extracurricular activities, the school has developed a comprehensive scoring mechanism to ensure that students can achieve the school requirements, but S. 5 exempt from 2nd semester.
  •  S. 5 in the 2nd semester and S. 6 students should release all post in school, such as student union and student leaders, to ensure that they have sufficient time to study and revision.
  • Every Thursday the last section will be time for their meetings, our school will release time after school for a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enrich school life, to prevent contamination of bad habits.
  • All S. 1 students must participate in the uniform groups (including the flag-raising team and Scouts) and every Tuesday after school scheduled for all group members and leaders gatherings.
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