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Music education helps students:


  • develop creativity, the ability to appreciate music and communicate effectively through music;
  • nurture aesthetic sensitivity and cultural understandings;
  • develop music skills, construct knowledge in music, and cultivate positive values and attitudes;
  • gain enjoyment and satisfaction through participating in music activities; and
  • pursue a life-long interest in music.
  • To train patiently and carefully to learn to work with others



Developing Creativity and Imagination

Develop music ideas and master production skills in the processes of performing and listening in order to cultivate creativity and imagination;

Developing Music Skills and Processes

Develop performing skills to experience and express music, with emphasis on cultivating music imagination and musicality in practice;

Cultivating Critical Responses in Music

Comprehend, respond to and appreciate music so as to nurture aesthetic sensitivity and awareness; and

Understanding Music in Context

Understand the functions of music and the relationship between music and cultures


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