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Citizenship and Social Development 


The aims of Citizenship and Social Development are to help students:


  • enhance understanding of society, the country, the human world, the physical environmentand related knowledge;
  • develop multiple perspectives on contemporary mature topics in different contexts (e.g. cultural, social, economic, political and technological contexts);
  • become independent thinkers; be able to adapt to the ever-changing personal,social, national and global circumstances and construct knowledge; understand the complexities of the topics, and the challenges and processes involved in decision-making for making law-abiding, rational and affective analysis, and learning how to handle conflicting values;
  • inherit Chinese culture and heritage in a pluralistic society, deepen understanding and sense of identity of individuals with Chinese nationality and Chinese citizenship, and at the same time appreciate, respect and embrace diversity incultures and views;
  • develop skills relevant to life-long learning and strengthen their ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, including critical thinking skills, creativity, problemsolving skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, data management skills, self-management skills, self-learning skills, and information technology skills;
  • develop positive values and attitudes towards life, so that they can become informed and responsible citizens of society, the country and the world.




Through studying the subject, students should be able to:


  • understand the constitutional basis of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, its relationship with the country and the latest development of the country, so as to explore the opportunities and challenges of the interactive development between Hong Kong and the Mainland;
  • understand the contemporary mature topics related to individuals, society, the country, the human world and the physical environment, so as to construct knowledge and promote self-directed learning;
  • understand the interplay among individuals, society, the country and the world in relation to the environmental, economic and social development through studying the topics of common human concerns covered in the curriculum framework, and based on the above understanding to explore how to resolve difficulties, promote development and reap mutual benefits;
  • develop a sense of national identity with global perspective, and understand the interconnectedness among areas of economy, science, technology, sustainable development, public health, etc., as well as the development of the contemporary world and the related impact; and recognise the roles of Hong Kong, the country, and the international community;
  • identify different views and the values behind various topics; and apply in an integrative manner critical thinking skills, problemsolving skills, creativity, data management skills and self-learning skills in examining the background, content, developmental trends and the values of the topics from multiple perspectives, so as to make law-abiding, rational and affective judgements and decisions based on facts and evidence; as well as develop positive values and attitudes;
  • present arguments clearly based on facts and evidence, demonstrate objective, fair and empathetic attitudes towards the opinions and views held by other people;
  • understand, appreciate and inherit Chinese culture and treat other cultures with respect, receptiveness and appreciation, and become responsible and committed citizens.






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