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The aims of this curriculum are to enable students to:

  • discover where they stand in the contemporary world through understanding the origins and development of modern events;
  • develop the skills of critical thinking, making sound judgments and effective communication through exploring historical issues;
  • approach past and current events in an impartial and empathetic manner, using a variety of perspectives;
  • understand the characteristics and values of their own culture, and appreciate the shared humanity and common problems of the world’s many peoples;
  • cultivate both national consciousness and the consciousness of being citizens of the global community, and thus become rational and sensible members of the local community, the nation and the world; and
  • be prepared to explore in greater depth an issue of personal interest, or one that may be of relevance to their future careers and professional studies.




Students are expected to acquire knowledge and develop understanding of:


  • basic historical concepts, such as cause and effect, change and continuity, and similarities and differences;
  • diverse standpoints and perspectives inherent in different ways of representing and interpreting the past;
  • the beliefs, experiences and behaviours of their own nation as well as of other nations, and the ways in which they have shaped the development of the contemporary world;
  • the inter-relations of major events and movements that have occurred in the local community, the nation, Asia and the world in the 20th century; and
  • the major historical developments and trends that have shaped the contemporary world.



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