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  • understand the Earth they inhabit, and enable them to recognise and interpret, from a spatial perspective, the arrangement of phenomena and features on Earth, the processes at work, the interactions that occur, the changes that result, and the issues and management responses that arise;
  • develop the general intellectual capacity and generic skills needed for lifelong learning through geographical enquiry, and the ability to apply these in life situations
  • appreciate the wonder, interdependence and fragility of the local and global environment, and the importance of promoting sustainable development; and
  • develop a sense of citizenship, a global outlook, and readiness to take action for the betterment of society, the nation and the world. 


  • how natural environments influence human activities, and how human activities alter natural environments;
  • the changing development of geographical phenomena and issues in terms of space and time;
  • the characteristics and functioning of major natural environments, through analysing the processes and interactions within and between them;
  •  the characteristics and development of major human activities, in order to achieve a sense of region; and
  • the issues arising from people-environment interactions and the human responses to such issues, as well as the implications of these human responses for resource management.


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