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School Mission


Our mission in education is to provide comprehensive and multifarious services to children and young people to enable them to exert their full potentialities and, eventually, to serve the community.

We are committed to achieving an all-round development in our young generation through the provision of a congenial learning environment, equipping young people with the necessary skills and knowledge, and nurturing them to become good citizens with a willing commitment to worthy causes and a genuine concern for social affairs.

We firmly believe in the school motto: “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty and Faithfulness” as the guiding principle in the moral and intellectual development of our children and young people. We strive to promote proper values and a positive outlook on life and encourage them to lead a full and meaningful life.


School Motto

  • Diligence 
  • Frugality 
  • Loyalty 
  • Faithfulness


School Goals

The school is committed to achieving all-rounded development of students and enabling them to fulfill their full potential with a positive learning environment. We encourage our students to acquire knowledge and skills, and learn to think critically and independently, leading to a full life and a positive role in society. Our school has fostered an ethos of self-discipline and self-reliance. Students are given opportunities to have successful experience in different areas so as to maximise their confidence and enhance their emotional and academic development to the fullest.



Learning and Teaching

  • Develop students’ foundation of literacy, numeracy and self-learning skills.
  • Adopt student-centred approach and implement interactive learning and teaching modes in every classroom.
  • Promote students’ generic skills, including creativity, problem-solving skills, critical thinking)
  • Cultivate a rich English language environment and arouse students’ interest and confidence in speaking English through various language learning activities and programmes.
  • Facilitate students’ learning through eLearning and self-directed learning.



Student Support

  • Implement small class teaching to promote collaborative learning and self-directed learning to cater for learner diversity.
  • Develop students’ learning experiences through a wide variety of Other Learning Experiences (OLE) and other extra-curricular activities, including moral and civic education, community service, career-related experience, aesthetic and cultural development and physical development.
  • Create a caring, positive and welcoming learning atmosphere and nurture students’ virtues and righteousness through a caring but firm approach.
  • Promote collaboration between home and school to further improve students’ academic performance and whole-person development.


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