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School History


TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College

TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College is a whole-day co-educational school operated by Tung Wah and subsidised by the government. Located in Yuen Long, it was named TWGHs C.Y. Ma Charitable Foundation Practical School when it was established in 1994. The school was turned into a grammar school and renamed TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College after the educational reform in 2001.



School Improvement Project

The school hostel was named TWGHs Chan Sing Chuk Building after Dr. Chan Sing Chuk, Charles, B.B.S., who had made the donation in 2001. The hostel is a six-storey building, it provides boarding service for 120 students with well-equipped facilities and training offered.

The new teaching unit was named TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College Ma Lee Pok Wai Hall after the CYMA Charity Fund Limited, which made a donation of $1.2 million for the renovation of air-conditioning and IT systems in 2005.

The school is fully supported and managed by the well-established organisations, including Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), Student Union, Parent-Teacher Association and Alumni Association, which promote collaboration among different stakeholders for formulating and implementing the school policies.

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